2021 January Updates

2021 January Updates

February 01, 2021

I hate to start a new year in a bad way because I thought that this year will be better than last year. I received bad news earlier this month, I can't share this publicly yet. I might share it in a month or two. I shared this with a small number of people and I am glad they all supported me in many ways. I hope that things will get better in the next few months and I think this year will be a year for me to get out of my comfort zone.

What Happened This Month

I got engaged. This is one of the biggest things that happened to me. It's a huge commitment but I am excited for what's ahead.

I used my time to learn Clojure and Ruby on Rails. It feels good to finally learn new things. I have been bored for a few months because I did not challenge myself. Learning new things means getting out of my comfort zone. It's uncomfortable but it's good for me. Getting started is always the hardest part of learning new things, once you get better things started to become fun.

I read a lot about Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some of them are hard to understand but in my opinion, both of them will play a huge role in the future.

I joined Sahil (@shl) The Minimalist Entrepreneur Course in February. The timing is perfect and I am excited to connect with all of the students and learn about building a sustainable business. The course will start tomorrow and one main problem for me is the timezone. The course will be held at midnight my time so I better be ready.

Recommendation this Month




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