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Hello! 🤙🏻

My name is Julian. A Software Engineer from Indonesia.


I am an Industrial Engineering Graduate that turned into a Software Engineer. I rediscover my passion in tech in my last year of college and I went through a autodidact path when I first started. I mostly learned from articles and online courses. After a couple of months learning by myself I decided to enter a Coding Bootcamp called Hacktiv8.

And after that the journey of becoming a Software Engineer was started. I learned a lot about Javascript inside the bootcamp. From Node JS, Vue, and React. I spent a lot of time exploring things that are outside of the Coding Bootcamp because I am passionate in what I do. I learned SCSS and also some CSS Animations.

After I graduated I was hired to join a local tech startup in Indonesia. It was exciting because I can finally apply my knowledge in real world application. I have worked with both React and Vue professionally. I have also worked with Node JS and some of the backend stuffs. Right now I am currently working for Jumpcut

Beside coding I also love doing some photography and writing. I love to write because it helps me to learn better and it can also help people who will learn the same thing through my articles. I write self development articles too!

some of my work.

  • Automated Income Machine Sales Page
  • Viral Academy Optin Page
  • Art of The Startup Sales Page
  • Viral Academy Sales Page


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