2022 Mid-Year Review

2022 Mid-Year Review

August 22, 2022

This year went by so quickly for me. I barely wrote anything this year and this is my attempt to just get back into writing. Not sure how this will go but I just felt like I need to write again. This one will be my life update this year and some things that I’ve learnt.

I got married

This is probably the highlight of my year. I got married in March and that’s one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my life. Marriage life isn’t easy but I know that it will be worth it.

I took care of my health

So there’s this myth that people will go even fatter after they got married. This is one of the things that I wanted to avoid. After my wedding day and honeymoon, I went back to the gym and I went on a really strict diet. I managed to lose around 10 kgs while gaining some muscle. Usually, I went back to my old unhealthy habit, but this one will be different.

I lost some profit

I started to get back to crypto in 2020 and I managed to capture some gains by doing so. I joined NFT quite early and that changed my life. Being in a bull run is amazing, I bought stupid stuff during the bull run and ended up regretting it now. As you know the crypto market hasn’t been that good lately and because I wanted to hold on to my assets I lost some profit here and there. I’m grateful that I didn’t gamble too much on this. I managed to avoid the $UST crash earlier this year and it could’ve been really bad for me. I learned that greed won’t take you anywhere. I learned to feel “enough” and it changed my mindset about money.

“Yes, but I have something he will never have… enough” ― **Morgan Housel, ** The Psychology of Money

I moved to my own house

I secured a mortgage last year and the house that I bought finally finished around July. I started to move my stuff from my old apartment to the house in August. Wrapping up the house was quite tiring but I guess that’s a part of growing up. My dad helped me during the process and I’m grateful for him.

I met my online friend

So there’s this one Twitter friend that I always talk to, we have a monthly call schedule and it’s fun. This year finally I met him in Bali and we’re having such a good time. Fun fact: we got married on the exact same date.

I spent way too much time on social media

I uninstalled Instagram before for a year and it felt good. I made a mistake when I reinstalled the app. I went back to my old habit of just scrolling mindlessly. I am planning to reduce my screen time overall, mostly my screen time comes from Twitter and Instagram. I became obsessed with chasing “trading alpha” from Twitter and ended up spending too much time on it. It’s getting unhealthy and I think I need to cut it.

I am grateful for how this year has gone. There are still a few months left this year. I’m just trying to make it count whenever possible. Thanks for reading and as always see you on the next one!

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