The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter

March 01, 2021

I joined Jumpcut in September 2019. I was excited to finally work remotely. I did not even imagine I can work for a US company from Indonesia.

During the interview, I was unsure that they will accept me as an engineer. I did not have a good portfolio back then. I aced the front-end interview but I was struggling during the back-end interview. (I was applying for a full-stack role).

Eniz (engineering manager) and Rahim (VP of Engineering) took a chance on me and I am forever grateful for it. They saw something in me and decided to hire me as a full-stack.

There was a layoff on my third month there and I managed to stay. We lost most of our engineers and were left with only 2 engineers and 1 designer. We decided to build a new product called Creatives Club with only 3 people inside the team.

I was excited and scared at the same time. I didn't have any seniors or managers inside the team so I had to make huge engineering decisions. This experience taught me the most. Building a product from scratch is a different experience from managing an existing product. We managed to ship the product and we are proud of it.

Sadly my journey at Jumpcut must come to an end. I was shocked and sad when I heard the news. I know this was a tough decision for them too. They've tried to keep the 3 of us in the team as long as possible. I enjoyed every moment and Jumpcut has made me a better person during my time there.

Leaving a great company is hard, you get used to the culture and everything inside it. Finding a new one is even harder, you need to take a risk and adapt to a new environment. I don't really like job searching experience overall and it feels bad to be rejected especially by your dream company.

I saved most of the rejection emails from companies that I've applied to. I treat them as a motivation that I still need to improve. But to be honest, sometimes it's painful to see.

During the whole month of February, I did some interviews. I feel like a tech interview can be tiring. The best thing about it now is that I don't have to come onsite for those interviews. Some of the technical interviews were a stretch for me. I was not a fan of whiteboard interviews, I prefer to do a project straight away because for me it's easier and more natural.

I'm still early in my career and there are a lot of things that I should improve. I still want to work at a startup and develop my skills.

Last Friday was my last day at Jumpcut and I decided to join Xendit. Today is my first day at Xendit and I am grateful for it. Working here is a good opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and I guess it's a good thing for me in the long run. I am excited about what's ahead!

I want to thank Kong, Peter, Kel, Alex, Osama, Eniz, Rahim, and everyone that worked with me at Jumpcut.

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